Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hurry up and Wait

If patience is a virtue we must be saints. lol
We will fill in more background later just wanted to give you an up date. We have a tentative date for the week of testing in Toronto.... April 15-19, 2013.
Saw the local Respirologist on Friday last and he is going to call Toronto and see if we can fast track the evaluation testing.
One of the many tests Carl has taken requires that you walk up and down the hall between two cones  for six minutes. They measure the distance walked in the 6 minutes compared to his supplement oxygen level.
Emily's first birthday November 2012

Back in November 2012, Carl walked 267 meters on 3 L of O2. Last Friday he walked 302 meters in 6 minutes but he was at 8L of O2.
The Dr said he was going to call Toronto and see if they would consider admitting Carl for a week for the evaluation testing as he is concerned at the progression of Carl's disease. Today Carl spoke with his Dr and he said Toronto is receptive to that idea and we may hear from them in the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed. The sooner we complete the evaluation the sooner we get approved and then on the transplant list.
Fleetwood Mac is in Toronto Apr 16th
We just heard Fleetwood Mac will be in Toronto in April 2013 ... sigh ... if only we could get tickets.
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