Saturday, 22 June 2013

... and so we wait.

If there is one thing that you will learn, if you are unfortunate  enough to have anything to do with pulmonary fibrosis, it will be; "How to wait."
I always said, " Once we get the pager waiting will be a breeze because we know we have done everything we can do." That was before the pneumonia and Carl's "incarceration" at the Victoria Hospital. Our practical side understands that this is the wisest course of action. Our emotional side chafes at the separation. 

The staff have brought us another large chair bedside and to what we jokingly refer to as our "living room." at least we can both sit side by side comfortably and talk. Carl has physio 2 times a day on weekdays on the weekend I walk the halls with him at least once a day. He has only been outside three time since May 5th. Today was far to humid so we stayed indoors. He watches movies and reads the newspaper on his tablet and I knit or read. We nap in the afternoon. Not exactly the exciting life we hoped for but that will come in time.

Carl is on his 6th room mate now. Hospital protocol, being what it is, he has had 4 female and 2 male "roomies." Our present companion is an elderly lady who, as her daughter said, "Would have a fit if she knew there was a man close by." We are keeping Carl on the "down low" but I think she has figured it out by now.
We received a very touching note recently from our last companion. It was very gracious and brought a tear to our eye. She and Carl had an opportunity to chat and joke a little. Here I was thinking how nice that was from our perspective, we had no idea our friendliness had meant the world to her. Their card is on our bulletin board and I think of Virginia and Jerry every time I see it ♥

The most difficult question we face  is, "How can you wish/hope/pray for lungs when you know that means someone will die."
Our Doctor said to me, "People die everyday, pray instead that the family will make the decision to allow organ donation. Let them have a living memorial to carry them through the difficult days by knowing that many lives were saved. Their tragedy and loss will be no less painful but in time they will remember the gift they imparted." That is the thought, the prayer, I hold in my heart. 

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  1. Thinking of both of you and praying the transplant happens soon. I don't think any part of waiting for it to happen is a breeze but it helps to stay positive. Keep us posted, I visit your blog regularly to see how you are doing. Gale