Saturday, 1 June 2013

Quite the week!

Well, this has been quite the week. Carl has been moved to a room on the respirology floor. Progress is slow but there is progress. We are back on the transplant list as a Status 3 critical. My bag is packed and we are ready for the call.
Physio comes by every day to take him for a walk. He uses a stationary bike at the chair and he is using arm and leg weights. If they add a walk he is exhausted for the rest of the day. The goal is to try and get him back to where he was a month ago.
Three weeks of the ventilator tube has played havoc with his voice. My "radio announcer" will be back but it will take time. Some issues with swallowing also due to the vent tube. The last thing he needs is to aspirate food . Their solution is the "thick" diet for the meantime. It is disgusting but necessary. All fluids are the consistency of honey, even water. gag. He is still on an IV drip to make up for the lack of fluids. He has no appetite, not that I am surprised. A plate with a grey pile of purred something surrounded by a green mass and a white mass is less than appetising. I brought him some Greek yogurt from home, which he enjoyed.
I will never forget the medical team in the ICU. This bears repeating. They were outstanding in his care for him and their kindness to me. I am trying to think of something I can take them as a thank you ♥

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  1. Good to hear Carl is feeling better and back on the transplant list. Sounds like the medical staff in the ICU were wonderful. It's so hard to find something that adequately expresses your gratitude but I'm sure anything you do will be greatly appreciated. Homemade cookies (as if you have time), chocolates, a nice card, etc. You are so kind to be thinking of others when you are going through so much. Hope Carl gets his new lungs soon.
    Hugs and Prayers,