Thursday, 6 June 2013


My father used to say, " Patience is a virtue, sought by many and found by few."

Carl is making excellent progress with physio. He managed a stroll all the way down the hall and back. Larry and Heather (his PT's) are very encouraging.
His appetite has improved now he is on a regular diet. Today Carl said, " Who would have thought I would say hospital food tastes good?" I said, " If they had the pureed diet first, they would this is fine dining."
The doctors have decided he is going to stay put in hospital until the "call" comes. There are too many variables right now and we do not want to do anything that would jeopardise his place on the transplant list.
I pack my lunch and my supper and take it with me to the hospital. A couple of times a week I will come home early for a hot meal.
We spend our days chatting, napping, he plays with the internet on his tablet, reads me the news and I knit.
We wait for the phone to ring. We try not to think about it but we do. 


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  1. I check your blog every day to see if there is more news about you and Carl. I don't always have time to sit and gather my thoughts enough to comment, but know we are always thinking about you and you are in our prayers. Love the cartoon! I can imagine how hard it must be for you both. I agree, hospital food is gross. Readers Digest had an article about hospital food titled 'Open your mouth and say ewwwww'. How appropriate! Maybe you could smuggle in some of the 'good stuff'.
    Hugs and prayers,