Wednesday, 3 April 2013


WE HAVE BEEN LISTED! ANGELA, THE TRANSPLANT COORDINATOR, JUST CALLED FROM TGH. THEY MET LAST THURSDAY AND APPROVED CARL FOR TRANSPLANT. We will have an appointment within the next 2-3 weeks to meet with the surgeon, set up the pre transplant physio program, sign the papers and get the pager. I am weeping with relief. My optimism was beginning to take a beating.

As Carl puts it, "We are almost at the starting line."


  1. Congratulations!! I know what a relief it is to hear those words. I'm so happy for you :)
    See you soon in the physio room

    1. Thank you Gail, We are looking forward to meeting you and others. It is amazing the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders. See you soon :D

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