Thursday, 11 April 2013

"R2D2" had a hissy

Lazy day today, yesterday was the first day in Physio and as it was Wednesday it was very busy. They are going to expand the department, more machines and more room to move around. I didn't participate very much as the Physios were establishing his program. I will have more to do tomorrow.
So nice to have met Carmen and Pam in the hall. Making contact with others who have been through the process is very encouraging.
The drive home was horrendous with lashing rain and fog. I was driving, not fun, and yes, I will get used to it. 
Billy came today to fill "R2D2" with liquid O2. About an hour after he left we discovered a hissy fit going on in the spare room. There was liquid O2 spiting out of the top and clouds of vapour rolling out from underneath the collar. Very Dr

Carl called our supplier and they suggested throwing a towel over the top. The tank was rolled into the foyer, no carpet there, to await Billy's return.

My lovely beach towel was frozen as a rock.

I took a peek underneath, all we had was more snow and lots of vapour. Billy showed up a few minutes later, poured some hot water on the top and then took it out to the truck to thaw and brought us a new full tank. Science 101, don't let the tank get wet (it was raining when he took it down to the truck) when you go to fill it or the valve will freeze. 
Tomorrow we are back to Toronto for a Physio appointment only. It seems as if Monday and Wednesday of next week we will have additional appointments.

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