Monday, 8 April 2013

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

We are listed. I have the pictures to prove it.  What a relief!
Our morning started with a visit with our Transplant Coordinator on the 12th floor and we went over pages of information. Carl will need a Hepatitis B injection, we had TwinRix several years ago but because of the  immunosuppressant drugs he will need it again. He has already had a flu shot and the pneumonia vaccine so that is no worries.
Then we went down to the 10th floor to visit with a Thoracic surgeon and sign the papers. I said, " I need a picture of this momentous occasion." He said, "That hasn't happened yet." I laughed and said,  "We waited long enough for this I have to have a picture." "Sign here Carl, if the photographer is ready." It was a giddy moment. Everyone who knows me, knows I got all teary. ..... lololol
Then back up to the 12th floor to deliver the file and the signed papers to June at the office. "Here you go, signed sealed and delivered," we said.
Then a stop off to refill the liquid oxygen tank, which froze to the tank...grrr.
Popped into the physio dept and booked our appointments starting this Wednesday.
Picture op at the elevator:
This damn thing keeps slipping off my shoulder.

Are you coming?
I was busy taking a picture of Princess Margaret Hospital across the street.
The original hospital is the little 6 storied building on the left.
"Sick Kids" is south of Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital is beside Princess Margaret and Women's College Hospital is around the corner. It is an awe inspiring place to be. Miracles happen here every day!
We were one step ahead of rush hour flying down the Gardiner. Can't believe how the city has changed.
Rogers Centre, "Skydome" back in my day.

Royal York Hotel (where my parents spent their honeymoon) and Union Station getting a face lift

construction going on everywhere you look


I want to know who can afford to live in these condos.
We will be back on Wednesday ♥

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