Wednesday, 17 April 2013

And one, and two, and three .....

I am very good at counting to ten and wiping things down with sanitzer.
We have had four sessions so far and we are getting used to the routine. We are seeing some familiar faces each time we go to the Physio department. Here he is starting off with three pound weights around his ankles. A little "dancer's back kick" what form! 
Monday evening we attended a Pre-transplant education session. The subject matter is just about as serious as you can get. We are talking life or dead situations after all. One of the Transplant coordinators was so entertaining. She gave us factual information interspersed with humorous stories. It is a lot easier to retain somewhat frightening information when your laughing. We appreciated the time they took to share all their experiences.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    Carl is looking in good form! Thank God for people with a good sence of humor to help us through all the 'tough stuff' and it's all tough stuff. I'll have to practice my math for when Bob has his physio - somehow I always lose track when I'm exercising!
    Hugs, Marilyn