Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Physio and good news

We are now set up to do physio two days a week in London. What a relief. That drive was getting to be a bit much for both of us. With the price of gas and parking it was the cause of some financial pain to say nothing of rush hour!

Susan , behind the wheel, on the Gardiner Expressway, I kid you not ♥

Carl has agreed to take part in a skeletal musculature study for U of T. This specifically for pre and post lung transplant patients. It is only 4 appointments over the course of his experience. If they gain some insight into recovery health down the line, well so be it.

We are thrilled to hear that one of our transplant family received her gift of Life on Saturday. Our heartfelt thanks go to the donor family on our friend's behalf.
From sorrow there is great joy. We look forward seeing her in Toronto soon.
Love and a fist bump to you Gail !!!

Tomorrow I am off to the blood donor clinic, they want me, isn't that nice? I am in that blood group that is 8% of the population. So when they start calling and asking me I better get a move on.
An hour or two of my time is the least I can do.... and they have really good cookies <big grin>

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  1. Hi Susan. Thank you for the best wishes and the first fist bump. I hope Carl's turn comes very soon and I'm excited to hear that he can exercise in London twice a week. Makes life so much simpler. See you at TGH in the next few weeks sometime. I had a little trouble posting this and I hope that it doesn't show up like ten times later LOL Take care and see you soon...Gale