Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It started out to be a good day.

I arrived this morning to find Carl seated in a large chair. Glasses on and fairly cognizant of his surroundings. I was delighted. (insert very large happy face) Dr Mura came in and was able to speak to Carl as well and we were pretty sure he was following along with the conversation. It was pretty evident that Carl wanted to know when the tubes would be coming out and he was distressed to learn that we just don't know. He wrote on the white board , something that looked like "nightmare." Broke my heart. Dr Mura spoke to him very encouragingly and told Carl the he will be back every day to see him.
The Dr told him that they are going to be doing a 3 day  series of steroid treatment. As of 5:30 tonight it had still not come up from the pharmacy. (insert frown face) I am trying to be patient.
I had to leave for an appointment around 3pm and when I got back things were not as good as the morning. As the sedation wears off the need to cough increases, then he is more aware of the tubes, which he wants to grab because he can not get his breath, which made him cough worse. Then respirology came in to suction his lungs which causes him to cough again. It was a viscous circle.
The gave him more of the new sedation, it didn't work, then he had a terrible coughing spell, the spasms caused the tubes to pop apart on the ventilator and I had to call for help. It was traumatic for him and for me. They gave him stronger sedation in 10 minute bullas, Every time the 10 minutes was up he started coughing again. They gave him another dose and called the ICU Doctor to come in. He may have to be sedated more for a while. Perhaps it was too soon to bring him all the way out.
His respirologist did say that when the tube comes out and he is back on the active list he will be a Status 3.
There is nothing worse in the world than standing there watching this and not being able to do a damn thing to help!

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  1. My heart goes out to both of you. I hope and pray the steroid treatment helps so he can get better and back on the transplant list. I feel your frustration with not being able to do more but you are helping Carl by loving him and being with him through all this.
    ((((hugs)))and prayers,