Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bronchospasm cough

The last few days the cough has continued. There is some discussion whether it is the fibrosis alone or a combination of the fibrosis and the ventilator tube. Today we had a mile stone! They turned the ventilator pressure off for 5 minutes and some of the numbers bounced a little, nothing alarming, then they turned the pressure back  to 5 for 2 hours and he maintained his levels with out having to increase the oxygen. He has been reset back to a pressure of 10. Now, he was sedated and not moving around but the RT's were very pleased and gave it a thumbs up. That is the most positive report I have had in the last 2 weeks.
Tomorrow they will try it again and if we have as good an outcome as today they may consider removing the ventilator.
Carl has been moved to a different room in the ICU. This one has a power lift in the ceiling and I watched them scoop him up and deposit him in the chair today. It was very impressive. He was sedated most of the day, every time a coughing fit started they gave him a bullas of sedation to help him to recover.
He has had the three days of steroids and they are keeping him on a reduced dose, higher than his usual. It looks like it is working.
My heartfelt thanks for all the prayers and kind words. They have meant the world to me.

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  1. Such a relief to hear Carl is doing better. Hopefully, he can get off the vent soon and back on the transplant list. As you say, baby steps.
    I have learned so much from you, some of it pretty scary but all things I need to know to prepare for our future. Thank-you for taking the time to post to this blog and writing me on the inspire site when you are going through so much.
    I hope and pray everyday is better than the last for you and Carl.
    Hugs, Marilyn