Friday, 1 March 2013

Don't worry Be Happy ♥♥

Happier days in 2011 and we are still singing the song ♥
Good news today. IF we have not heard from our co-ordinator in Toronto by next Wednesday we are to call her. We were told by our doctor's office that there apparently is one person, awaiting final evaluation, ahead of Carl, which is good news. This of course could  change at any time as anyone who becomes a greater emergency moves up in the cue, as it were . I am the optimist Carl is the practical person needless to say we have heated discussions.
To date he has had x-rays, CT scan, MRI, multitudinous arterial gases, 6 min walks, pulmonary function tests up the "ying yang" and an angiogram of his heart and lungs. Whew. 
We are ready to head to TO. for the next phase.
Today Carl saw his cardiologist who said he see's no problem with Carl's heart coping with the stress of the transplant.  The sooner we get this testing over the better. Thank God we live in Canada! This whole process has cost us nothing, zero, zip, nadda. Tommy Douglas RIP you did a wonderful thing bringing in our national health care ♥
Keep your fingers and your toes crossed. At least we know we won't hear anything over the weekend. come Monday morning we will jump every time the phone rings.
posted by Susan


  1. Hi. I followed a link on another page to read your blog. Very well done. I hope you get listed soon and I'll check back to see and cheer with you when it happens. Best wishes and good luck. I'm leaving a link to my blog. :) Hope to see you in the physio room soon. Gale

    1. Hi Gale,
      Thanks for your kind words. We appreciate the link to your blog and have been reading about your journey.
      There is so much we do not know. When you get on the list, how many days a week do you have to go to TGH ?
      We are in London, where are you? We look forward to "bumping" into you in To. :)
      Take care,
      Susan and Carl

    2. I'm in Kitchener. For the first month after I was listed I went to TGH 3 times a week for physio plus a number of other appointments (seemed like a lot when I was first listed) including clinic once a month which everyone has to attend. After the first month I was allowed to go for approved physio at Freeport Hospital here in Kitchener twice a week and TGH once a week. We usually go on Wed. morning. Keep in mind though, that I do not have to relocate. I think you have relocate unless you are within 2 1/2 hours of TGH. Not sure how far London is but they will certainly tell you all that. Take care Gale

  2. Thank you Gail for the information. We received good news yesterday that Carl is next for testing, they will call us when they have a bed available. This could be anytime this week or next. They are going to fast track him now, a month ahead of schedule. Fortunately we do not have to relocate either. We appreciate your input. Will look for you in To.