Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mr Johnston is in the building! ♥

Friday, March 8th
Loads of testing for Carl today and some meet and greet with members of the transplant team. He had an EKG, and blood work (16 vials), CT scan and X ray all before lunch. The Physio therapist came for a visit and to give him another 6 minute walk test. He went for a MUGA test, a nuclear scan, of his heart at rest. While he was gone the Social worker came by for a visit, she will meet with both of us this week.   Everyone is so helpful. There will not be any testing over the weekend and one Dr said we may be discharged until Monday. Then the Respiroligist assigned to Carl came in and when we asked he said he would prefer we stay put until the testing is finished. So, we have two boring days ahead of us. By Monday some of the results should be in.
Saturday March 9th,
Very quiet day. Everyone has gone home and Carl is the only one in the four bed ward. The most exciting activity today was a TB test this morning and retelling Carl's medical history to yet another Respirologist. The rest of the day was spent like this ......
Stimulating games of solitaire.
They have given Carl an "Oxymizer" that's the disk on his chest attached to the cannula. When he exhales the baffle closes and when he inhales the baffle opens and gives him an extra "oompf" of air, also the hose is a bit bigger diameter for high flow oxygen.
"Whats a six lettered word for....." (OMG I look like my mother)
 We did go for a walk, prowling around the hospital peeking in doors in the transplant clinic looking for the physio room on the 12th floor. Everything was closed and dark.
I headed over to the Eaton Centre to pick up a tablet cover at Best Buy. Had to stop and watch the fountain.

Just in time to watch the display. To think I used to bring my children to watch this when they were little and I was younger than they are now.
 I had intended to go to the "World's Biggest Book Store" but by the time I walked over here and wandered around I was pooped. By the time Carl has his transplant he won't be the only one with muscles. I will probably go have a bibliophile fix tomorrow.
You are mercifully being spared pictures of me napping in the chair. Tomorrow promises to be much the same as today.
Monday we expect Carl will have another nuclear test of the heart . This is part two of Friday's test and means he has not been allowed any caffeine for the weekend. We have an appointment with the transplant Co ordinator at 2:30pm. We have been told he will be busy all day with other testing. I will knit.
That's all we know for now, we will keep you posted. 
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  1. So happy for you both. Taking care of the little things (minutiae) will mean that the big things will take care of themselves.

  2. Glad to hear the assessment is moving forward. I love your comment about looking like your funny. I always say I open my mouth to say something and my mother comes out LOL
    Good luck on the rest of the tests!