Monday, 11 March 2013

The Invisible Man

Monday morning I arrived at the hospital at 8:10am. Carl's first appointment was scheduled for 9am. Or so we thought. The oxygen was there he wasn't. His roomy, Raul, told me I had just missed him. So I pulled up a chair, sat down, propped up my feet on his bed and got out my knitting and waited and waited.
He blew in around noon right about the time I was looking longingly at his lunch tray. His morning had been taken up with an unexpected trip to the Pulmonary function Lab for tests including "panting in the box" and then up for the first half of the MIBI test (a nuclear scan of his heart at rest.)
Half an hour later and transport was back to take him away again. The second half of the MIBI test is when they chemically stress the heart to check for blood flow. Carl knew he had a blockage but it was so long ago his heart has built up "collateral blood vessels." The question is, "Will it be enough to endure the stress of a transplant?"
So I continued to knit, had a nap, checked facebook on my tablet, watched a building being torn down across the street ...... stimulating stuff.  He was back about 3 hours later.
We definitely consider this a productive day ♥
View from my hotel room, Look at the building floors beside the signs, when you think a floor is about 10 ft it gives you a bit of an idea just how huge these signs really are.

The Zanzibar, on Yonge Street, Toronto's oldest bar. It was the place to be in the 60's. Now unfortunately it is a strip club.   
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