Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One hurdle crossed !

The results are in from the nuclear stress tests. The heart attack that Carl had in 1996 has not done any damage that would require any intervention procedures. The results of these heart tests came back "normal" and the Cardiologist sees no reason why not to give the go ahead. One hurdle crossed.
Tomorrow we will finally meet up with, "Angela," the Transplant Coordinator. Three times the charm. Two other appointments had to be cancelled due to Carl's testing. We will also meet another couple who are in the evaluation process.
With any luck the tests will be over and now we have the meeting/appointments.
One down side to staying in the hospital is the twice daily heparin shots to the tummy. Poor Carl has so many bruise spots I am threatening to get a sharpie and play dot to dot.
We really don't know what happens next. Stay tuned. Hope to have something interesting to report for tomorrow.

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