Monday, 18 March 2013

Great Idea

One really neat thing that came out of our time in Toronto was the "Oxymizer." The pendant conserves oxygen on the exhale and then releases an extra boost of oxygen on the inhale. There is a little baffle that moves inside the pendant. It can be worn under a shirt and is proving to be helpful. Due to the baffle action Carl is getting the benefit of 8L on 6L which helps to conserve oxygen in his stroller (portable liquid tank) when we go out.
Tomorrow we have a list of errands to attend to. We are trying to keep ourselves distracted while we wait for the assessment team to meet. April 4th seems like a long way away. We shall persevere.

I can't believe this..... arghhh I just lost three posts........ nuts
Whew, managed to resurrect two posts still lost one.

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