Friday, 15 March 2013


Heparin shots were a pain, but necessary when you are laying around all week long. The drug thins the blood which makes bruising inevitable. I was all for getting a sharpie and playing "dot to dot." ... not funny, who would have guessed? :)
A small price to pay for a week of what we optimistically think of as a success.
Carl's case will be reviewed at the weekly Thursday meeting, Apr 4th. After all there are other people ahead of us also waiting to hear their results. We expect to hear the early part of the following week. We just have to be mellow until then. Time will tell and the next three weeks will give us a chance to set up a treadmill routine and implement some of the dietitian's suggestions while we wait for results.
We are very appreciative of the staff at TGH. They were wonderful, all our questions were addressed. We are feeling a lot better than a week ago. I think we saw at least 5 Respirologists, several Cardiologists, the Physiotherapist, the Coordinator and Laura the Social worker, plus all the porters and outstanding nurses. It was an overwhelming week. It will be much easier next time as now we know where we will be going.

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